Blanes Shopping


First-time visitors to Blanes tend be pleasantly surprised when they discover that the town includes a fantastic shopping district.

Located in the old, down-town part of Blanes, is a labyrinth of narrow streets lined with shops, restaurants and Tapas bars.

Added to the mix are small squares, as well as the broad Passeig de Dintre. During the mornings — Monday through Saturday — the latter is the scene of a fresh fruit and vegetables market (check out the size and flavor of the tomatoes, bell peppers, melons, and more).

In the afternoon and evenings the tree-lined Passeig de Dintre transforms into lane filled with terraces — including that of the famous Terresssans tapas bar.

There are many fashion shops, most of which are surprinsingly upscale. And if you are into shoes, bring an extra suitcase.

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This post was last updated: Feb. 17, 2018    

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