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FAHRENHEIT — When the Romans founded the Costa Brava city later known as Blanes they named it Blanda (mild) — a reference to the local climate.

The Costa Brava has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters.

S'Auger and downtown Blanes, seen from Sa Palomera.
S’Auger and downtown Blanes, seen from Sa Palomera.

Located at the Southern-most part of the Costa Brava, Blanes is blessed with summer months that are not oppressively hot and a winter season that is not bone-chillingly cold.

Blanes Weather – Month by Month

Blanes climate by month, including minimum and maximum average temperatures (Celcius), average temperature, relatively humidity, days and amount of rain or drizzle.

The weather in Blanes, Costa Brava, Spain, month-by-month
  • Temperatures based on measurements compiled from data collected over the past 4 decades
  • In July, August, and the early part of September the relative humidity can make it feel (much) hotter than it actually is. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids. Heat and humidity is not an issue at temperatures below about 24° Celsius
  • On rare occasions Blanes sees some snowfall during the winter months


Regardless of what you may have heard about the rain in Spain it doesn’t fall mainly in the plains.

Dark clouds over Blanes’ tourist district

You can expect rain in Blanes throughout the year, though certainly not every day.

The good news is that, more often than not, it usually rains during the middle of the night.

Even when it rains during the day most of it is in the form of relatively brief showers.

However, every once in a while there will be a downpour that blanks the streets in no time.

Overall, it doesn’t rain often enough — or long enough — to justify bringing an umbrella.

Best Time to Visit Blanes

Generally, the best time to visit Blanes is in the months of June through September.

Mind you, July and August are both the hottest and the busiest months.

Locals and experienced frequent visitors say that September — certainly the first half of the month — is the very best time to visit the resort. The crowds are gone, the weather is still great, and everything is more relaxed.

The second half of June is good as well. There’s plenty of space at the beaches, though on weekends it can get very busy indeed.

Whether or not you’ll encounter one or more subsequent days of rain is pretty much the luck of the draw — especially in June or September.

Winter in Blanes

While some websites aimed at tourists suggest the citizens of Blanes enjoy outdoor dining all year round, that is usually not the case. The winter months do have cold spells.

Don’t believe us? Here’s video of snow in Blanes:

Every once in a while, it does snow in Blanes at the Costa Brava

Note, too, that while there is plenty of sunshine even during the months of November through April that normally doesn’t make for fine beach weather even for the most dedicated sunworshippers.

Thank you for using our Visit Blanes tourist guide. We trust you will have a wonderful holiday!

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This post was last updated: Oct. 6, 2023