Casa Oliveras

Casa Oliveras is an authentic Catalan coffee house, tapas bar and lunchroom in Blanes at the Costa Brava.

This wonderful eatery, which is frequented by locals and tourists alike, is located in a beautiful old building.

Indeed, you’ll Casa Olivera in the old part of Blanes, at Passeig de Dintre 10[Google Map]. On weekday mornings this pedestrian street features an authentic Catalan fruit and vegetables market. In the afternoons and evenings, as well as during the weekends, this is where you find one of three (count ’em 3) outdoor terraces.

The other side of Casa Oliveras faces the beach, and there you can enter at Passeig de Cortils i Vieta 15[Google Map]. Across the street, on the boulevard that lines the beach, you can enjoy a covered terrace. Alternatively, there’s a roof-top terrace that can be reached from inside Casa Oliveras. Since you’ll likely eat and drink here more than once, simply give each spot a try.

Inside you’ll find two large rooms (one smoking, the other non-smoking) where you can escape from the heat. The atmosphere is cozy and friendly.

If you don’t speak Catalan you won’t be able to read the menus. Even though plenty of Spanish, French, Dutch, British and German visitors visit Blanes, Casa Oliveras is one of those places that is firmly rooted in history and tradition. This is Catalonia, so the language of choice is Catalan.

That said, the place has a friendly and efficient staff, and they are more than willing to help you order something to your liking.

Besides, an array of wonderful goodies, ranging from homebaked cookies to homebaked pies, is also on display.

Casa Oliveras is the perfect place for a breakfast or lunch as well as a light dinner or late evening snack.

See also the Casa Oliveras website.

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