Mr. Mojito

A true story, by John Havers* — Whether we’re at home, in Blanes, or elsewhere, people-watching is one of our favorite ‘activities’.

There’s something truly relaxing about sitting at an outdoor café and simply watching the world go by. By ‘world’ I mean people, for the most part.

People-watching is a sport both men and women engage in. If your partner isn’t the jealous type who verbally shoots down every three-star girl you favor with a second or third glance, it’s a lot fun.

My wife can really appreciate handsome young men of a certain model: tanned, dark-skinned, slim and sporting good muscles. Oh, and the guy must not be too full of himself.

As for me, let’s just say I’m flabbergasted when asked whether I prefer boobs or bums. I mean, who says you have to choose? I can truly appreciate God’s creation, especially when it comes with a pretty face and a cute smile.

Best people-watching spot in Blanes

One of our favorite people-watching spots in Blanes is outdoor cocktail bar Can Tirol. It has a superb location — right across from Sa Palomera, which is the rocky promontory that marks the official start of the Costa Brava (wild coast).

The raised terrace provides fantastic 180° views — all the way from the harbor of Blanes on the left, to the tourist district of El Pins on the right.

You’ll see a steady stream of tourists climb the stairs to the top of the rock, and of local teenage dare-devils who jump off the rock into the clear water below.

You may see a couple of local fishermen launch their sloops in search of an evening meal.

You will see anything from bathing suits the size of 4-person tents to topless girls running after a ball or cavorting in the water. (As a red-blooded man, may I also suggest a medal for the person responsible for placing the public shower nearby…)

Anyway, like I said, it’s a fantastic spot — and it certainly helps that Quim, the cocktail bar’s owner, serves absolutely wonderful cocktails that we dream about year-round.

Can Tirol also offer a good view of the walkway that connects the boulevard along Platja de Blanes with the one fronting S’Abanell, the longest beach of the Costa Brava.

It’s a people-watcher’s paradise.

Mr. Mojito

On one occasion when we arrived at Can Tirol in the late afternoon we found our favorite table free. When Quim came over to take our order Ellen looked around and saw someone with what she thought was a glass of mint tea. Turns out it was a Mojito — a drink of Cuban origin made with white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint.

The Mojito drinker at the other table was a handsome young man of North-African origin. He was talking with a young, pretty girl who was clearly somewhat shyly pleased with the lavish attention bestowed upon her by this guy.

From their conversation it was apparent that they had only just met that day — probably on the beach.

He asked her lots of questions: What’s your favorite kind of music? What are your parents like? Are they here in Blanes as well? Do you realize how beautiful your eyes are? So why aren’t you a model? And so on.

She asked him questions as well: Do you have a girlfriend? How old are you? Where do you live? What do you do? (Anwers: No. 18. At the moment, Blanes. Little bit of this, little bit of that.)

He was very attentive as well. Would you like another drink? That top looks fantastic on you! Are you getting hungry?

He was clearly leading up to something, and from the looks of it she suspected as much. There was an internal struggle of sorts — between on the one hand an inner voice that said, ‘Can you believe a guy this handsome is interested in you?! Let’s have a good time…’ and on the other hand an inner alarm bell sounding a shrill warning.

He treated her to another Mojito, and they talked about the weather for a bit — a move that seemed to inspire her to turn off the alarm.

Then: I’d like to show you my favorite disco after dinner. Perhaps you want to rest first? We’re close to my place; You’re welcome to come with me and lie down for a bit…

And with that, he paid his bill and they left — hand in hand.

It’s a story that plays out countless times throughout the day — everywhere around the world.

We went our own way soon afterward.

More Mojitos…

When we returned to Can Tirol the next day Ellen said, ‘Hey, look who’s here.’ Sure enough, there was the North-African guy, sitting at the same table as yesterday, again with what we now knew was aMojito in front of him.

Across from him, a young, pretty girl — but not the one we saw yesterday. This one, too, seemed pleasantly surprised that this handsome young man paid her so much attention.

We ordered our drinks and caught bits of the conversation between the two: So are you parents staying in Blanes as well? Those eyes! Have you ever thought of modelling? That top looks so good on you! Would you like to rest for a bit before I treat you to dinner? My place is close by…

But the charm didn’t work this time. She was going to meet her friends at the hotel and she would be busy tomorrow, she said, clearly allowing the alarm bell to do its work.

“Mr. Mojito lost this round,” Ellen said.

We saw him two more times that year — chalking up one more failure and one more success.

If you’re young and pretty and vacationing in Blanes, and a handsome young North-African guy chats you up, we can tell you with some certainty that you’ll get two or three free Mojito’s out of the experience. But Mr. Mojito will make you work hard for them. Using the questions shown above as a guide, you may want to make up some answers ahead of time.

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* Note: While the experiences described in the story are real, the names those reporting it have been changed to protect their privacy.

Thank you for using our Visit Blanes tourist guide. We trust you will have a wonderful holiday!

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