Can Ton: Top Quality Seafood Restaurant — There are two hard-and-fast rules when dining in a foreign country: 1) Eat where the locals eat, and 2) Eat when the locals eat.

In Blanes that makes choosing a good fish restaurant very easy.

While there are many quality seafood restaurants in town, you can’t help but notice that Can Ton is a favorite spot for locals.

Seafood restaurant Can Ton, Blanes

Seafood restaurant Can Ton, Blanes

The place is easy to find: the (mostly) outdoor restaurant is located on an elevated terrace overlooking the beach right across from La Palomera, the rocky promontory that divides the old town from the newer tourist- and residential district.

No matter what time of day you walk by the place, whenever it’s open Can Ton is bustling with diners — many of them locals. (One way you can tell the locals from the tourists, aside from recognizing them after visiting Blanes many years in a row, is simply to listen to the predominant language — Catalan, in this case).

And when you enjoy a drink or two at Can Tirol, the popular cocktail bar adjacent to the restaurant, you see and hear that Can Ton’s guests are truly enjoying themselves.

Small wonder. We can share from experience that this restaurant serves fantastic dishes. [About our recommendations]

Recommended by local fishermen

Incidentally, we first tried Can Ton at the recommendation of a number of retired local fishermen — some of whom still take their boats out for a catch on a nearly daily basis, launching their small motor boats from the beach in front of the restaurant.

Sure enough, the folks at Can Ton really know fish, and that comes as no surprise. ‘Can Ton’ means ‘House of Ton.’ Decades ago Ton was himself a fisherman.

He and his family enjoyed entertaining others over dinners, and their reputation grew to the point where they made the big step and started a small restaurant.

Can Ton: top quality fish restaurant in Blanes

Can Ton: top quality fish restaurant in Blanes

Through the years the restaurant has grown, but to date it is still family-owned and operated. And its shows. The service at Can Ton is not just efficient, but also very friendly and helpful, making a lunch or dinner at the place an all-around fantastic experience.

The menu offers something for everyone — steak- and french fries lovers included — and the portions are generous.

You can’t go wrong with anything on offer, but we particularly note the grilled fish platter. Served for a minimum of two people, it is royally filled and can easily feed three or four diners.

The paella is really delicious, and Fideua is also great (like paella but with noodles instead of rice).

Can Ton’s Menu del dia, the daily menu, also provides good value for the money.

We don’t use a star rating system at Visit Blanes, but if we did Can Ton would rate 5 stars out of 5.

Fantastic Location

Can Ton is located at Carrer Sant Andreu de la Palomera, 4. As mentioned, that means the seafood restaurant is right across from La Palomera — the rock that is considered to be the official point at which the Costa Brava (the Wild Coast) starts.

Seafood restaurant Can Ton, Blanes

Seafood restaurant Can Ton overlooks the beach in front of La Palomera

That makes Can Ton the first restaurant of the Costa Brava, which we think is a fitting distinction.

The views from the restaurant are fantastic. The elevated terrace, separated from the beach only by a small footpath, provides panoramic, 180° views of the sea with the harbor to the North and S’Abanell beach to the South.

The beach in front of La Palomera is home to two dozen fishing boats, and appears to be a favorite spot for locals to sunbathe.

It’s a great place to people-watch, but you’ll probably pay more attention to your plate.

Can Ton: Address and Information

Restaurant Can Ton
Carrer Sant Andreu de la Palomera, 4

Telephone: 972 33 49 38

Open daily:
13:00 – 16:00 (1 pm – 4 pm)
20:00 – 23:00 (8 pm – 11 pm)

Reservations highly recommended.

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