The Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Market

Fruit and vegetables market in Blanes
The daily fruit and vegetables market in Blanes — I’m writing this in the middle of winter, on a cold night in Amsterdam. Outside it’s freezing.

During this time of the year hardly a day goes by without my wife telling me, shortly before breakfast, how cold it is here — and how ‘hot’ it is in Blanes. Right now — a little after 9pm — it’s 10º Celsius in Blanes…

But yes, we both think about Blanes a lot, because by now we consider it our home away from home.

And that is why something as seemingly mundane as a video about a fruit- and vegetables market in Blanes caught our attention.

If you’ve visited Blanes before you know that the fruit and vegetables market is normally held daily, save for Sunday, at Passeig De Dintre, the pedestrians-only shopping street just one street over from the beach.

The regular market — with anything from shampoo to leather goods, from souvenirs to straw hats, and from bikinis to household items — is normally held on the boulevard along Passeig Cortils i Vieta.

The seaside boulevard frequently is the scene of other events as well: Sardana dance competitions, Paella cookoffs, a funfair, or — as the video shows — the fruit and vegetables market.

By the way, the video was shot by the publisher of, a Spanish-language online publication with news about Blanes and the wider district.

As for the daily markt in Passeig de Dintre, it is in one word fantastic.

This is one reason why so many people who visit Blanes prefer to rent a self-catering apartment rather than stay in a hotel.

Buying and preparing local food is one of the added pleasures of vacationing in Blanes.

Some Tips

Most of the merchants are friendly and helpful, but occasionally you’ll find that locals are served before you are — even though you arrived before them.

In part that is because the merchants know they’re going to have to spend a lot more time with you than with a regular customer. By the time you’ve learned what bananas are called in Spanish, they’ll have helped (read: earned money from) two or three customers who they see all year long.

Also: while some are flattered when you take photographs, many would rather you don’t — at least not with them in the photo.

Don’t block the customers from the wares, and if at all possible take your photos from a distance away.

Thank you for using our Visit Blanes tourist guide. We trust you will have a wonderful holiday!

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