Locutorio Blanes: Internet and International Phone House

When you vacation in Blanes it is easy to keep in touch with home. Most hotels offer internet, fax and telephone services — albeit usually at unfriendly rates.

It is better to visit one of several internet and phone services.

The one we recommend — based on both personal experience and the recommendations of locals — is Locutorio Blanes. You’ll find comfortable facilities, up-to-date equipment, and friendly service.

At three locations throughout Blanes, Locutorio Blanes offers:
Internet cafe in Blanes

  • Internet
    You’ll find a good number of up-to-date computers, connected to broadband internet. Headphones with microphones are provided for use with MSM and other chat programs. The computers come complete with a full range of programs for text and graphics editing. At just €1.50/hour, use of the computers is inexpensive. Frequent users can purchase 20 or 50 hour subscriptions, at just €1/hour.
  • Phone services
    Locals and international calls at competitive rates — and certainly far less expensive than calling from your hotel or using your mobile phone.
  • Mobile Phone Recharging
    You’d be surprised how many visitors forget to bring their phone chargers.
  • Prepaid Mobile Phone Cards
    It pays to get a local mobile phone number, along with inexpensive prepaid service.
  • Money Transfers
    If you’re enjoying yourself so much that you need some extra money from home, here’s the place for money orders.
  • Fax
  • Photocopies

Locutorio Blanes is air-conditioned and comfortable. Snacks and drinks are available.

The main location is located at 5, Plaza Espana in downtown Blanes.


Locutoria Blanes
1) Plaza Espana 5, [Google Map]


Ciber Locutorio Blanes

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