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Blanes has a plethora of wonderful places to eat and drink: eateries, snack bars, restaurants, tapas bars, British pubs, cocktail bars, and so on.

The beach at the foot of Sa Palomera.

The beach at the foot of Sa Palomera.

Few things are nicer than to relax on a sunny terrace at or near the beach, nursing a cool drink and the occasional bite to eat.

Yet on our many visits to Blanes we had not found a place that served consistently good cocktails. Until recently, that is.

I highlight ‘consistently good,’ because we did find several spots that served passable drinks. Some were very good indeed. However, we found that on return visits the drinks were quite different — sometimes better, sometimes worse than before.

It got to the point where we just gave up and stuck to drinking Estrella, a very good local beer.

This year, however, we found a spot that quickly has become one of our favorite hangouts. And we’re still wondering how we could have missed it on all our previous vacations in Blanes.

We’re talking about Can Tirol, a terrace-only cocktail bar facing the beach at the foot of La Palomera.

That’s right, it’s not like the place is hard to find or, for that matter, hard to miss. See the bright, lime-green building in the photo above? Yep, that’s Can Tirol.

Can Tirol (currently no longer green) as seen from Sa Palomera

Can Tirol (currently no longer green) as seen from Sa Palomera

We’ve walked past it hundreds of times, but only this year ventured onto the inviting terrace. Don’t ask us why. It just happened that way.

Now, I love Pina Colada, while my wife is partial to Tequila Sunrise, Sangria, and some other drinks.

You should have seen our faces when we had our first few sips. This was good stuff — the real thing, and generously prepared. When we say generously, we’re referring to the fact that the friendly proprietor of Can Tirol does not skimp on the alcohol. On the contrary, it appears that you generally get quite a bit more than might reasonably expect.

Naturally we tried the place more than once — and kept coming back for more. Each time the drinks were as good as before. Excellent!

Mind you, Can Tirol is a tiny place. There are no seats inside. Instead there is a large terrace, shaded by two huge parasols. The terrace, along with the terraces of the two restaurants right next to it, is about one-and-a-half meters higher than the path along the beach which it overlooks.

The view from the terrace is excellent. To the left you can see as far as the harbor and the hill behind it. To the right you can look at the way past the hotels to the campings. In front is La Palomera — the rocky promontory that marks the official beginning of the Costa Brava.

In between the terrace and La Palomera is a popular beach, dotted with small fishing sloops which to this date are still in use almost every night. Bikini-clad girls, topless women, and handsome hunks complete the scenic views.

Address & Details

Can Tirol
Calle San Andreu de la Palomera 8 [Google Map]

Open… most of the day during the weekends, and from somewhere around 4 PM during weekdays or earlier during tourist season.

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This post was last updated: Mar. 31, 2013