Holidays in Blanes? Choose Self Catering Apartments

Blanes Holiday Apartments
Our self-catering Blanes Holiday Apartments come with panoramic views across the beaches, the Mediterranean, and the port,

Most people who visit Blanes or any other resort stay in a hotel.

There is nothing wrong with that, of course. One may even like the hustle and bustle of a hotel, enjoy the fact that breakfast, lunch and dinner are taken care of, or perhaps that entertainment is provided.

Other vacationers prefer the camaraderie and freedom of a campground, in their own tent, caravan or rented bungalow.

And then there are the vacationers who – like us – have discovered the convenience of a self-catering apartment.

Want to have breakfast at noon, lunch at a restaurant on the promenade, and dinner at 10 p.m. in a bodega? That’s no problem.

Want to serve a meal of fresh fruits and vegetables you bought at the market that afternoon after stopping for tapas in the popular Cafè Terrassans tapas bar (famous for its calamares a la romana – fried squid rings)? No problem either.

When you stay in a self-catering apartment, you will not be waited on hand and foot. Instead, you have complete freedom in regards to every aspect of your day. Let others rush home to be on time for the daily dinner buffet; you’ll be taking your loved one (and/or your kids) to a romantic spot on the beach, at a time that suits you.

Usually, the price is right, too. An added advantage is that many of these apartments are not in the tourist district, but in the old town of Blanes.

Incidentally, see that photo at the top of this page? That’s the view from our bay windows.

Blanes Apartments: Panoramic view of the beaches, the Mediterranean, and the port

Blanes Holiday Apartments nighttime view
The enchanting nighttime view of the port and marina of Blanes, as seen from our apartment’s bay windows

Take for example our self-catering Blanes Holiday Apartments. These holiday rentals have a fantastic location. From the bay windows you have a panoramic view of the best that Blanes has to offer: from the fishing port and marina to the beaches (as far as the eye can see) and over the Mediterranean Sea.

You are less than 100 meters from the “locals” beach and the main boulevard. You will stay near the shopping center in the old town of Blanes – with various restaurants, tapas bars, bakeries and the daily fruit and vegetable market.

These are comfortable, fully furnished and equipped apartments, decorated in the typical style of the region. Oh, and they have a roof terrace.

When you stay in one of these apartments, your holiday gains an extra dimension. Away from the tourist district, you can immerse yourself in local life.

See the Blanes Costa Brava self catering apartments website for more information.

Blanes Holiday Apartments as seen from the port
Our self-catering Blanes Holiday Apartments as seen from the marina.

Skip-The-Line Tickets

A visit to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is a fantastic experience. Barcelona and Blanes have a good train connection. Lloret de Mar is a short bus- or boat ride away. Marimurtra, considered the best Mediterranean botanical garden in Europe, is just up the hill from your holiday apartment. Easy to reach on foot, or by bus (bus stop steps away from the apartment).

Thank you for using our Visit Blanes tourist guide. We trust you will have a wonderful holiday!

See Barcelona, and don't miss the Botanical Garden in Blanes

The Marimurtra Botanical Garden in Blanes is considered the best Mediterranean Botanical Garden in Europe. Founded by Karl Faust, the garden not only features 4000+ species of plants, but also provides gorgeous, panoramic views across the Mediterranean sea. Instagram, anyone?

Also, see the impressive La Sagrada Familia, beautiful Casa Batlló, and more masterful works by Antoni Gaudi on a tour through Barcelona.

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This post was last updated: May. 7, 2022