Vacation in Blanes? Choose Self Catering Apartments — Most people who visit Blanes, or any vacation resort for that matter, end up staying in a hotel.

Nothing wrong with that, of course. One might actually like the hustle and bustle of hotels, enjoy the fact that breakfast, lunch and dinner is taken care of, or perhaps that entertainment is provided.

Other vacationers prefer the camaraderie and freedom of a camping, in their own tent, caravan or rented bungalow.

And then there those holiday makers who — like us — have discovered the convenience of staying in a self-catering apartment.

Want to have breakfast at noon, lunch at a restaurant along the promenade, and dinner at 10 pm in a local bodega? No problem.

Want to serve a meal of fresh fruit and vegetables, bought that very afternoon at the daily market — after taking a quick break for tapas at Terrassans? No problem.

When you stay at a self-catering apartment you won’t be waited on hand and foot. Instead, you have complete freedom over every aspect of your day. Let other rush home to be on time for their daily dinner buffet; you will take your lover (and/or your children) to a romantic spot at the beach at a time that is convenient to you.

Usually the price is right as well. Added benefit is that many such apartments are located not in the tourist district, but in the old town area of Blanes.

Blanes Apartments Overlooking The Beaches, The Sea, And The Port

Take, for instance, the Blanes Costa Brava self-catering apartments. These holiday apartments have a fantastic location. From the bay windows you have panoramic views of the best Blanes as to offer: from the fishing port and yacht harbor to the beaches (as far as the eye can see), and across the Mediterranean Sea.

They are located at less than 100 metres from the beach and the primary boulevard. You’ll live close to Blanes’ old town shopping center — with various eateries, tapas bars, bakeries, and the daily fruit and vegetables market.

These are comfortable, fully-furnished and equipped apartments, fitted out in characteristic local style. Oh, and they come with a rooftop terrace.

When you stay in one of these apartments, your vacation gains an extra dimension — away from the tourist district you are able to immerse yourself in the local life.

See the Blanes Costa Brava self catering apartments website for more information.

Thank you for using our Visit Blanes tourist guide. We trust you will have wonderful holidays!
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This post was last updated: Jun. 22, 2021