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The easiest way to get to Blanes from Barcelona Airport (and back) is by train.

This Barcelona-Blanes train information is up-to-date as of May, 2023.

Going to Blanes, you can board the train at the airport. You will have to transfer to another train once, but doing so is fairly easy.

In Blanes, getting to your hotel or apartment is easy as well. A bus and taxis are available right outside the train station.

Returning to the airport is just as easy.

Barcelona Airport to Blanes

Traveling by train from Barcelona Airport (IATA: BCN, ICAO: LEBL) to Blanes takes about 2 hours and 5 minutes, and involves a transfer at Barcelona-Sants station. 1

At the airport you board the R2 train to Barcelona-Sants, a 19-minute trip. There you have on average 20 minutes to transfer to the R1 train, which will take you to Blanes.

The current cost for a single ticket from the airport to Blanes is € 6,95.

Blanes has a bus station with buses serving, among other places, the tourist district (where most of the city’s hotels and campings are located), the old village center, as well as nearby Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar.

Taxis are available as well. They are relatively inexpensive. If no taxis are available when you arrive, you can either wait for one or call one. A telephone number is displayed at the taxi rank. If you are using a mobile phone remember to dial the country code (0034) first.

Check ahead of time to see whether your hotel provides a shuttle bus service.

Barcelona Airport to Blanes Train Timetable

  • See the Rodalies de Catalunya Timetable
  • Click the arrows in the “From” field, and select “Aeroport”
  • Click the arrows in the “To” field, and select “Blanes”
  • Choose date and time, and click on “Search”
  • You now see the timetable
  • The red arrows provide information.
    • For instance, you see that you take the R2 train to Barcelona-Sants, from where you take the R1 train to Blanes
  • Scroll down to “Fares.” There you see that a single ticket is € 6.95
  • This is a list of all stations on the R1 line

Barcelona Airport to Blanes Train Tickets

  • Tickets can best be bought at the train station (though you may have to use the unfamiliar ticket machines).
  • You can also buy tickets via an app, but the process is a bit of a challenge.
  • Download the Renfe Cercanias app (Android | iPhone). There are other apps (including ones for Rodalies de Catalunya), but most do not allow you to purchase tickets, and some unofficial ones add extra fees.
  • At the initial screen, select trains in “Barcelona.”
  • At the top right of the screen, click on the user icon.
    • Select “User,” and then “Register.”
    • Unless you are a Spanish national, leave the “Second Surname” blank. 2
    • Click on “DNI,” and select “Passport.”

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Blanes to Barcelona Airport

Train Station Blanes
The train station of Blanes

Traveling by train from Blanes to Barcelona Airport takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes. Here, too, you transfer at Barcelona-Sants station.

In Blanes take the R1 train (the final station will show as either L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, or as Molins de Rei).

After about 1 hour and 20 minutes the train reaches Barcelona-Sants, where you transfer to the R2. You have on avarage about 25 minutes to do so.

The current cost for a single ticket is € 6.95

Use the timetable and ticket information shown above.

Safety Tips

As is the case just about anywhere in the world, trains to and from airports are popular with pickpockets and luggage thieves.

  • Keep an eye on your luggage at all times — and be especially alert when you are using a ticket machine, are checking time tables, or asking someone for help. Thieves look for such moments when you put your luggage down and are distracted. Some thieves work together: a friendly man or woman will strike up a conversation or helpfully answer a question, while a second person will take off with your suitcase.
  • Once you are in the train, pay no attention if someone outside knocks on your window. The person will shout a question (“Is this the train to Callela?”), and while you are distracted another person will run off with your luggage
  • Keep your money safe. Use anti-theft money-pouches, bra-pouches, and bags.
  • On the train you’ll often see gypsies and others who play some music, show you a trinket, or hand you a written message saying their family is starving. If you can’t help but donate something to a busker or beggar, have some lose change handy — but keep your wallet out of sight.
  • If you are using a smart phone, iPad, notepad, or something else you wouldn’t want to part with, be especially alert whenever the train stops — particularly if you are sitting or standing near an exit. Grab-and-run thieves know how to time it just so that they can grab your stuff, and make it through the closing doors just in time. Even if you were able to run after a thief, it is not likely you’d catch him — and even if you did it’s more than likely he has already passed your gadget on to a companion.

Alternative: Barcelona / Girona / Blanes Bus

As an alternative to the train you can also take the Sagelés bus. The website has an English language option, but is not designed logically. You can look up timetables in one section, but must book in another one (“Online Sales”).

The company also has a dedicated Sagalés Airport Line website. It is easier to use, though it still has some quirks as well.

Note that the Barcelona Airport is referred to as “Aeroport Del Pratt de Llobregat.” Once you search, you’ll also see an option to select a terminal (T1 or T2). Blanes has two stops listed. You will want the “Estació d’Autobusos de Blanes.”

Current ticket prices:

  • To / From Girona Airport: €11.00 per person, one way
  • To / From Barcelona Airport: €11.85 per person, one way

Blanes Tourist Information


  1. Barcelona Airport is also known as Barcelona–El Prat Airport, or Aeropuerto de Barcelona-El Prat. Website (English)
  2. In Spain, women keep their surname when they get married. Children take both parents’ first surname.