Rodalies de Catalunya, Catalonia train service operated by Renfe
Rodalies de Catalunya, Catalonia train service operated by Renfe.
Photo by Peter Elektro, used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license.

There is a direct train connection between the cities of Mataro and Figueres, with stops at Blanes, Girona, and smaller places along the way.

The RG1 train line was introduced in March, 2014. Prior to that date you had to transfer at the station of Maçanet/Massanes — which often included long waits.

While primarily intended to improve commuter rail services for residents of Catalonia, this train line is also of interest to tourists staying in Blanes.

Both Girona and Figueres are popular destinations for day excursions, and these cities are now easier to reach by train.

The direct line between Mataro (about 38 km south-east of Blanes) and Figueres (about 80 km north of Blanes) runs every two hours.

It takes you from Blanes to Girona (about 41 km north of Blanes) in about 45 minutes, while a trip to Figueres takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Rodalies de Catalunya has also increased the frequency of trains running between many of the smaller stations — serving tiny villages and small towns.

Rodalies de Catalunya — Catalonia’s commuter train service

Rodalies de Catalunya is a commercial commuter rail service operated by Renfe Operadora, Spain’s state-owned rail transport service.

Until 2010 — when the Government of Spain handed control over commuter rail services in Catalonia over to the Government of Catalonia — the service used to be known as Rodalies/Cercanías Barcelona.

‘Cercanías’ are the suburban passenger rail transport services that operate in Spain’s metropolitan areas and commuter towns. ‘Rodalies’ is the Catalan name for this commuter rail service.

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