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Bar Bodega José, Blanes locals’ favorite

Bar Bodega José is a Blanes institution. This pub and restaurant is a locals’ favorite, and is equally loved by tourists as well.

Celebrating 60 years of good food, and drinks at fair prices. Bring your friends and sing along with the ’70s and ’80s music videos.

Restaurant Sa Malica

A prime location, popular with the locals (always a good sign), great food, friendly service… that’s Restaurant Sa Malica — one of the most popular restaurants in Blanes.

And yes, there’s a friendly rivalry going on between Sa Malica and Can Ton — another favorite — next door. Find out why.


Restaurant Damajuana serves the best Italian food on the Costa Brava — right here in Blanes.

Why would you eat Italian food in Spain? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

This is one of those hidden side-street restaurants where the locals eat. Good, homemade food, friendly service, and great prices.

Bistrot de Tot

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: there are many culinary treasures to be found just steps away from the main streets and boulevards.

Bistrot de Tot is a case in point. Excellent Catalan cuisine that will have you return for more again and again.